Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

Wow I can't believe that summer is coming to end... it feels like we did not have a long summer. 

Kids are back in school and this was the last offical beach weekend... We did not make it to the beach as much as we usually do, but we did have a great summer full of fun and laughs... 

So now it is time to decorate for fall and halloween... so here is something to get my start on my Halloween projects.. 

They arrived Friday and I am so excited to get started on Halloween treats and decorations. 

Sweet Hauntings Stamp Set
Wood Mount #139702 $27.00
Clear Mount #139705 $19.00

Haunt Ya Later Stamp Set
Wood Mount #139696 $25.00
Clear Mount #139699 $18.00

Let your imagination go with these sets and image what you could create from Cards, Treat Holders and scrapbook Layouts... and so much more... 

Come back tomorrow for a cute project that I will be making with one of these stamp sets and to get you started on your Halloween Projects and much more.... 

I will be making a Project Video tomorrow... 

Thank you for stopping and come back again soon.... 

Happy Crafting! 

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